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  • NBA Oakland legend Gary Payton reconnects with basketball as head coach of Oakland's Lincoln University men's basketball team Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • Draymond Green stepped up big time for the Warrior's in game 6 against Boston helping GSW close out the C's with a near triple double. Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • NCAA Tourney Back in one of his old stomping grounds Jaylen Brown and Boston put the clamps on Golden St in the second half to win game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals in San Francisco. Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • 3pt ace out with sore back Stanford bowed out of the NCAA Tourney in the Final Four losing to UCONN. It was a great run as Stanford tried to defend their 2021 NCAA Title. Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • The NBA is truly a globial game Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine



The Warriors bask in NBA Championship glory

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

What can you say about them now. Sometimes it takes being down to bring out the best in you.

After 3 titles in five years many were hoping GSW had their run and would slip back into the NBA's waste land of teams hoping to just make the playoffs and lose to a higher seed in the 1st round.

GSW is fresh off a two year stint that saw them miss the playoffs and then lose in the first round the next year. Over looked with just the "3rd" best record in the NBA.

Both Phoneix and Memphis were usering in a new era. Remember them ?.

A 18-2 start to the 2021-22 season gave Golden St a glimpse of just how good they were this season. That was done without Klay Thompson.

Klay had not been healthy in two years and the Big 3 of Draymond Green, Klay and Steph Curry only played on the court together this year for a total of 11 minutes.

That's it, just 11 minutes of playing together all year.

The Warrior;s championship puts them in the top echelon of NBA and major sports teams for that matter as far as dynasties. Not any franchises have four titles in any sport.

An 8 year span of contending for titles in incredible and the Warriors look like they can win one or two more if they stay healthy.


The 2022 NBA Finals switch to Boston

The series is tied at 1 with both teams winning in convincing fashion. You might have to give the edge to the Golden St Warriors since they have been here before.

Another reason is defense. The Warriors scored 108pts in game 1 and 107pts in game 2. Their offense stayed the same. Boston ran away with game one 120-108.

Game two was a different story as the C's only put 88pts Golden St made sure to give up as few easy baskets as possible. Players stayed in front of their man, switched on D and rebounded.

GSW had 15 steals to just five for Boston and that was a big difference from game one when Boston was running their offense not turning the ball over and getting off their shots.

The first half was even with GSW up 2 at the half. A 35-14 Warriors 3rd quarter put the game away and sent the series back East were the Warriors want to win both games but at least 1 will do.

Steph Curry had 29pts, starters Kevon Loony, Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins each scored in double figures while Jordan Poole scored 17pts off the bench.




Early 2021-22 NBA season as interesting as ever

From the the NBA leading Golden St Warrior's at 9-1 and crusing with a NBA MVP type playing as good as ever, or maybe better (Steph Curry).

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

The New York Knicks are getter better and better with Julius Randle balling at an All Star level the East could see a different Eastern Conference champion when this season is all said and done.

The 7-4 Knicks are just 7th in the Eastern conference, but only a game behind East leading Philly (8-3). Speaking of the 76er's, they have shaken off the loss of Ben Simmons pretty well.

Joel Embiid is leading by example scoring over 20 a night and playing great D. Seth Curry has come into his own and Tobias Harris is play very well (19pts a game) to help Embiid.

Los Angeles Lakers fan might be wondering what happened. Ok Lebron James got hurt, but the Lakers were not looking like world beaters when he played.

They have started out 6-5 in 2021-22 with their backs at the playoff cut off line (8th in the west). True it's very early in the season but when you blow a 26 and 19pt lead to 3-6 OKC team there are on court issues with the team.





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