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  • Kerr sidelined Kerr has work to do Warrior's head coach Steve Kerr will have to figure a way to slow down The Cav's offense in game 5. Cleveland scored a NBA Finals record 89 in the 1st half of game 4 Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • Things never stay the same Kings head coach Dave Joerger will have a lot to work with next season. The Kings have provided him with a host of new young players to coach Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • NBA Sac hits the reset button again Willie Cauley-Stien is now at the center of the Kings current rebuilding mode. Sac is tied with New Orleans (12th) in the West. Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • 3pt ace out with sore back Harden looking for that MVP James Harden has a very good case to win his first MVP. Harden lost a battle with Steph Curry by running his mouth. This year James let his play do the talking. Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine
  • The NBA is truly a globial game Westbrook making LA proud Russell Westbrook is on pace to average a triple double this season. He is currently dropping 30pts, 10-rebounds and 10-assists on cats for the Thunder. Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine



Can can challenge The Cav's, GSW ?

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

The Warrior's streak was ended by a game Utah team that is up and coming and locked into a playoff match up with the LA Clippers.

The Jazz head into the playoffs beating the Warriors and Spurs in back to back games.

San Antonio took a step back when the Warrior's beat them the last time the two meet.

GSW needed that win to relax a little after getting beat pretty bad the first couple of times they played the Spurs this season.

The Spurs have one of the best players on the planet, Kawhi Leonard.

The only reason he may not win the MVP this year is because James Harden and Russell Westbrook re wrote the history books with the offensive season they had in 2017.

Neither can play D like Leonard can and in a few years his offense will be better then the not so shabby 25.7 a night he is dropping in now. San Antonio is big, they play well together and shoot the 3.

It would seem the Spurs have come thru their post Tim Duncan era with no problem. They are second seeded out West with the NBA's second best record (61-21) and they have a date with Memphis in the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

Speaking of Westbrook and Harden, they will get a chance to go at each other in the first round of the playoffs. Houston has the higher seed. Many people think Harden should get the MVP this year over Westbrook is because of Houston's better record.

Russell and his NBA record 42 triple doubles (They did not keep the stat when Wilt Chamberlain averaged over 50-pts, 25-rebounds and like 10-blocks a night one season.)

The Houston OKC series should be a good one in the three vs six match up out west. Complete 2017 NBA Playoff bracket click here

The NBA Playoffs have taken shape

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

The West was won a few games ago. Out East however Boston and the Cav's still had a chance to lock down home court through out the playoffs on the last game of the season.

The C's went out and beat Milwaukee and claim the top spot out East while Cleveland lost to Toronto by 15 without LeBron James who sat the game out..

Cleveland went into the thing with an open mind.

They trounced Boston the last time they play so King James and Co will worry about whoever gets put in front of them during the post[ost season.

Who knows if Boston can make that home court hold up anyway's and the Cav's won the NBA title on somebody else's court last year.

Out West Golden St. has locked down a first round match up with Portland. Both teams are coming into the playoffs as two of the hottest in the league. No easy first round for GSW.

Portland finished the season on a 8-2 run to get to .500 (41-41) and most importantly into the playoffs. Damien Lillard will get another chance to impress the home crowd (he is from Oakland and went to Oakland High) and beat the Warrior's in the playoffs.

The Warrior's are the NBA's hottest team at the moment. Not only did they ripped off a 14-game win streak without Kevin Durant, he returned looking as healthy as ever.


The Kings end 2017 home season with a win

It is always nice to win in front of your home fans, no matter what your record is. The Sacramento Kings treated their fans to one last win at home.

The Kings knocked off Phoenix 129-104 behind a Ty Lawson triple double (22pts. 12-assists, 11-rebounds) and 30pts from guard Buddy Held. The Kings have a lot of good young players.

It will be up to the brass to develop these players and improve on the 32-50 record they had in 2017. A really good point guard could make this team go. No offense to Darren Collison.

He is not a championship type point guard. He can come off the bench for a title contending team. If the Kings can get a point guard that likes to pass but can also shoot they can get back over .500 and back into the NBA Playoffs.


Sacramento stops skid with wins over Orlando, Phoenix

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

They do not have much time left. In a free fall since dealing away center DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento beat Orlando 120-115 to win for the first time in eight games.

The Kings had not won a game in March or since they beat Denver in their first game out since trading away Cousins.

The win kept Sacramento within three games of Denver who is holding down the 8th and final playoff spot out west.

Darren Collison led the way with 19pts and 13-rebounds. Seven players scored in double figures including Anthony Tolliver who came off he bench to chip in with 19pts (5 of 7 from three).

The Kings outscored Orlando 35-26 in the 3rd to take the lead in what had been a tied game at the half.

Sacramento backed up that win with a victory over Phoenix in the Valley of the Sun 107-101. Youngster Skal Labissiere went off for a career high 32pts (11 of 15 from the field).

Skal might of had something to prove. The Suns drafted him out of Kentucky before trading him to Sacramento. The Kings will take it and the win which keeps them five games behind Denver in the race for a playoff spot.

The Kings need to stay hot. Games at playoff bound OKC and San Antonio are up next before Sacramento returns home for a game against the Milwaukee Bucks March 22nd.



Sacramento's playoff hopes dealt a heavy blow, or not

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

This is not the way many Kings fans thought this season was going turn out. Sacramento was slowly but surly getting it's playoff legs back.

Yes they are still under .500, but they are in games competing for wins at the end of games.

Sac is still in a three way, no now four way race for the last playoff spot in the West and a chance to take on the Warrior's (or Spurs) in the first round of the playoffs.

DeMarcus Cousins was traded during the 2017 All Star game in New Orleans to, you already know (or guessed it) New Orleans.

The trade did not come out of nowhere. Faced with a choice of giving the best center in the game the money he is worth (on the court) the Kings decided that the passionate big man was not worth what his personality brings to the table.

Right or wrong Sacramento made their choice and now their fans will have to live with it. Many loved Cousins simply because they saw how hard he played and that they were getting better.

It has been 7-years since the Kings drafted DeMarcus and Sac has not done much winning at all in those years.

Sacramento has beaten both Cleveland and Golden St. this year. No small task. An injury to Rudy Gay and now the trade of Boogie has robbed the Kings of their top two scorers of the season.

A game against Denver, the team Sac is chasing for the 8th and final playoff spot out west, was no problem for the Kings who won 116-100 to pull within a half game of the Nuggets.

There was not a better team to beat for the Kings at this time then Denver.

DeMarcus Cousins had a huge game for the Pelicans who lost 129-99 to Houston, a team they needed to beat.

The Kings are two games in front of New Orleans in the standings at the All Star break. It is not often you trade with a rival at this time of the season.

The Boston Celtic's have started sending Sacramento X-Mas cards during the holiday's for trading point guard Issiah Thomas to them. The C's have been transformed back into a playoff team and Thomas is a big reason why.

Both Thomas and Cousins played together with the Kings and that is a lot of talent to get away from a team that is looking for their identity.

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Trying to right the ship - Sac beats King James and the Cav's

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

The Sacramento Kings were right at the cusp of respectability.

Midway thru the 2016-17 NBA season the Kings were just under .500, but more importantly they were in the playoff race as the 8th seed when they hosted he 1st place Golden St. Warrior's Jan. 8th.

The Kings lost to GSW that night and the loss was a part of a stretch where Sacramento lost 10 out of 12-games to fall out of the playoffs.

The losses were even worse since seven of those were at home during a long home stand that preceded a season long 8-game road trip.

Half way thru their Mid-America tour the Kings are a surprising 2-2 after knocking off the defending NBA champion Cav's 116-112. This comes a week after the Cav's beat the King's in Sacramento.

Center DeMarcus Cousins has raised his game when the Kings need it the most. Against Cleveland the big man posted 28pts, 9-assists and 10-rebounds. This is coming off a 42pts, 14-rebounds night in a 102-99 loss at Chicago.

The Kings are overcoming the loss of their second leading scorer. Rudy Gay and his 18pts a night are on the self due to a ruptured left Achilles tendon.

Gay is one of the few players that have led the Kings in scoring during a game this season. The last time was in a 117-106 loss to Golden St Jan. 8th when Rudy dropped 23pts. In that game DeMarcus led the team with 6-assists and 13-rebounds.

As DeMarcus goes, so do the Kings. Sacramento has endured several close losses this season. The most telling might have been the 102-99 loss at Chicago when Cousins was called for a phantom call late in the 4th with the game still very much in the balance.

Instead of whining about the call Demarcus accepted the ref's decision and moved on to the next game. That is the attitude he needs to keep moving forward. He is a big man with all sorts of skills.

He is aggressive on the court and the ref's are calling games tighter and tighter this season.

If he can play thru this stage in his career and learned what to do and what not to do on the court he should find that the ref's will give his game more leeway (if you will) and not call so many fouls on the big man.

The Kings (18-27) are in perhaps the biggest part of their season. When they return home from the current 8-game road trip Sacramento plays 11 of their next 13-games at home.

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Golden St loses for just the 3rd time all season

Photo by Eric Taylor

Photo by Eric Taylor/1st String Magazine

It looked like the Warrior's (16-3) learned a real good lesson in their blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers early in the season because they had not lost since (a span of 12-game).

In came the Houston Rockets and their do everything player (James Harden), who did not disappoint the Oracle crowd.

The man went off at times but it is not what you think.

Harden can take a flurry of step back three's with the best of them. He has re-discovered his game and is leading the NBA is assists at a robust 12 a night. That is not shabby at all.

Check out his line against the Warrior's in Houston's 132-127 win, 29pts. 13assists and 15-rebounds.

One thing that makes it easy for Harden g to get assists is that he can score almost at will so you have to help on him a lot with double teams and player rotations.

That leaves other players wide open and Harden, the smart player that he is, has learned to work smarter not harder like he used to do trying to out score everybody.

Golden St saw first hand what the new (or old James who played like this in high school) Harden is all about. The rest of the Rockets are digging it to because they are getting the ball and not just chasing around rebounds like in the past.

The 12-7 Rockets have work to do if they are to compete for a NBA title but at least their best player see's the bigger picture and he is not trying to win the MVP with a NBA championship as his goal.

If he can reach that then the MVP will be heading his way.

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Basketball is back with opening night all across the NBA

High school track and fieldFrom the world champion Cav's to the Sacramento Kings out west teams are gearing up for another run at a NBA Championship.

The Golden St Warrior's, that team that came ever so close to a NBA title repeat made the most noise this past off season.

They brought in Kevin Durant to help get past that block they had up 3-1 in the NBA Finals against Cleveland last year but could not close it out losing three straight games to the Cav's.

LeBron will be hard to beat after that one. The great ones tend to go on NBA Championship runs after digging deep to get one. Even though LeBron has won it all before this was his team, in his city in his home state.

His back was against the wall and he pulled his team thru. There are very few stories better then that.

Is there anybody in the East that can get past the Cav's. History has shown that it will be hard. You can toss in as many as ten teams trying to be second best to Cleveland.






















High school track and field

Sacramento 116 Minnesota 111 April 8th, 2015

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