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Steph Curry trying to cook up an MVP in 2021

Photo by Eric Taylor
MLS Soccer

Steph Curry is a man on a mission.

He knows it is not in the books for the Warriors to win it all. Curry can however set a standard of basketball that can lead Golden St back to a championship level.

Steph looks like he has put it all together. scoring, playing off the ball, being the point guard and getting somebody else a shot. Curry is doing it all.

He is seeing the game two, three steps ahead of most on the court and that jumper. That beautiful thing he does 30+ feet from the rim or anywhere inside half court really.

Steph is making an incredible amount of 3's right now and is unguardable at the moment. He is not out there just casting away on a bad team.

He is taking good shots (for him) and they are wetter than ever.

Anybody who said this or that about how good Curry really was has to give it up to him now.

He is smashing on the league right now and the bigger the comp the better he plays. Just ask a good Philly team that Curry lit up for 49 the other day.

A MVP might be out of reach for Steph this year, but when you look around and see who has played the most this year and who has a winning record along with their stats Curry has got to win some votes.


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